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Σάββατο 15 Οκτωβρίου 2016

ENEKEN: 2016 Literary Translation Awards

The poetry collection entitled Anatomy Lab, by the American psychiatrist and poet, Richard M. Berlin, which was published as an insert with Issue 36o of ENEKEN magazine (April-May-June 2015), has been honored with the 2016 Literary Translation Award for a work of literature translated from English to Greek, by the Hellenic American Union and the European Institute for Literary Translation.
The contributors to this project deserve special congratulations: the distinguished doctor and film director, Miltos Arvanitakis, whose idea and suggestion it was to translate into Greek this significant work of poetry by R. M. Berlin, and to publish it as an Literary supplement in ENEKEN revue.
It should be noted here that the circulation of supplements publications that accompany ENEKEN magazine ensures for the published works an immediate communication with the magazine’s readership, its friends and subscribers from as far away as Australia, China and Canada, and these insert publications constitute a special offer by ENEKEN to its friends, since they are made available at no additional cost to the magazine’s regular price.
It should also be noted that Miltos Arvanitakis, who discovered and identified the poetic work and the significance of Berlin’s poetry, maintains a direct communication and correspondence with his colleague and poet R. M. Berlin, and this deep relationship contributed decisively to this excellent rendering of the work in Greek, since the American poet employs a particular poetic voice inspired by his practice of the medical profession. His colleague and experienced physician, Miltos Arvanitakis, drew his exceptional translating ability from this common reservoir of experience in medical science, the practice of which sometimes becomes a tribute to solidarity and human civilization.
With his characteristic acumen, Miltos Arvanitakis chose as his collaborator and fellow traveler in this labor of translation the noteworthy literature professor from Thessaloniki, Aggelos Grollios, whose interpretative and literary interventions contributed decisively to the integrity of this feat of translation.
Congratulations are also due to ENEKEN’s friend and collaborator, graphic designer Despina Lotsopoulou, whose artistic inspiration and experience adorns the ENEKEN publication, and who illustrated Berlin’s poetry in a manner fitting to its intellectual content.
Finally, we must note that this offering of a translated work by ENEKEN is neither random, nor piecemeal, nor unique (which, in the case of Berlin, is recognized with an honorary and symbolic award), but it is an organic element of the magazine’s editorial philosophy. As a collective endeavor, ENEKEN has been contributing to the field of culture for twenty years, and it attempts to cultivate the collective and historical conscience as it is expressed, through its paradoxes and contradictions, in the Modern Greek language. This structure has been erected through the work and toil of the magazine’s worthy and enviable collaborators, whose literary and philosophical contributions form the foundation that supports the laborious and often especially difficult publishing endeavor that is ENEKEN.

Yiorgos Yiannopoulos

Photos: Yiorgos Ioannidis

2016 Literary Translation Awards

The Hellenic American Union, the Goethe-Institut Athen, the Instituto Cervantes de Atenas and the Danish Institute in Athens presented, on the occasion of the celebration of International Translation Day, the 2016 Literary Translation Awards. The awards were presented to three translators of English-, German- and Spanish-language literature, and they refer to translations of novels, short stories, poetry and plays published in 2015.
The awards were presented, on behalf of the juries, by: Leonidas Phoivos Koskos for the English-language translation, Iakovos Koperti for the German-language translation, and Alexandros Magridis for the Spanish-language translation.
The event commenced with opening statements by Leonidas-Phoivos Koskos, as the host, and Victor Andresco, Director of the Instituto Cervantes de Atenas, which was in charge of organizing this year’s awards ceremony. Mr. Andresco, in his brief retrospective of the history of the translation awards and their continuation following the response of the Institutes and Embassies that support them, underlined the importance of the work of translators, “so that we may know authors and worlds that we would not have access to if it wasn’t for them”. Also present at the event were Gabrielle Sander, Director of the Information Center and Library of the Goethe-Institut Athen, and Brigit Olsen, Deputy Director of the Danish Institute in Athens.
At the awards ceremony, on the initiative of the Instituto Cervantes de Atenas, the novelist, essayist and translator Philippos Drakontaeidis spoke about the Greek translations of the works of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, on the occasion of the commemoration of 400 years since their deaths.
The shortlists for each category are:
For the Award for English-language Literary Translation:
Miltos Arvanitakis & Aggelos Grolios for the book: Anatomy Lab by Richard Berlin (Eneken)
Ioanna Eliadi, for the book: The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma (Metaichmio)
Palmyra Ismyridou, for the book: The Trembling of a Leaf [Honolulu and other stories] by William Somerset Maugham (Agra)
The award was presented to Miltos Arvanitakis and Aggelos Grollios.